Welcome on my site.

Photography has been just a hobby for me for many years. Black and White is definitely my preferred domain, but I happen to practice color photography as well. I used to develop my black and white films in my own dark room for more than 30 years, but by the end of 2008 I decided to definitely migrate towards digital photography. Yet as an amateur photographer I continue to follow the same approach, "developing" and printing my photographs along the same logic.

For the majority of the photographs I use Nikon cameras (D90, D700, D500 and D800E) but quite a few are taken with a small Ricoh R8 compact camera. I also make use of a Reflecta RPS 7200 to scan my old slides and films, reminiscent of the good times with the dear old F801, F90X and F100.

After two decades spent in Germany and six years in Luxembourg, I am now living again in Belgium.

Enjoy having a look at my pictures.

Paul Mercier

PS: sorry for the portrait, but it was taken the day my preferred lens blew up....